What Moves You?

God created us all with a unique motivation to live life to its fullest. So what moves you? What motivates you to be and do your best?

Have you ever considered this? Have you ever considered what drains you, what motivates you, and what recharges you? I would encourage you to take some time for some self-exploration. Life is busy and full if we are not intentional about recharging and motivating ourselves how can we guard against becoming drained and depressed? How can we recharge and motivate ourselves if we do not know what does it for us?

What Moves You?

We are all motivated by something in life, and it is different for each person. I have found that understanding my personality, my spiritual gifts, and my talents are a key to understanding what motivates me to keep going and be the best version of myself. I also believe that this can be a changing target, from year to year as we grow and change and even from day to day as we deal with different situations. The important thing is that we find that drive, that motivation that God put within us and we use it to honor Him by living our life to the fullest while serving and loving Him and others every step of the way.

God didn’t intend for us to live a sedentary unproductive life. He meant us to live life to the fullest, being motivated to carry out what he has created us to do.

What are your gifts?

Do you know what your gifts are? Your spiritual gifts? Your talents? If not, I would encourage you to seek that out. There are a plethora of spiritual gifts tests online, take one, ask friends, family, and mentors if they concur with the results. There is nothing more motivating than living out the gifts that God gave you, adding purpose and fulfillment to your life. This does not mean you need to add more to your plate, just that you should be using your gifts wherever you are today. For example, one of my gifts is administration. I use this gift in the places I am in my life. I use my gift of administration in my home to manage my house and family. I also use my gift to bless others around me, helping when needed.

What is your personality?

There are a million different personality types out there. For me, I love the Gary Smalley personality test. Understanding my personality helps me know what motivates me in life and what activities to seek out. If you have already done a personality test or feel like you understand yourself well, I would encourage you to evaluate how this information might help you understand how you are motivated.

What are your passions?

I have found that spending time partaking in my passions gives me the motivation to partake in the less desirable aspects of life. I love running, being free and exploring the world while I move and care for my body motivates me to live life fully. Taking this small amount of time to enjoy my passion gives me the energy I need to partake in things that I find draining, but necessary, like the constant recurring dish pile. Even if you are busy, have children that fill your life, a career taking over, you have passions. Find them, and carve out a small area of your life to enjoy them.

What Recharges You and What Drains You?

This is an area I am still exploring for myself. I read so often in books to take some time away, soak in a tub, or read a good book. For me, this just sends my brain into overdrive and I start thinking about all the things I need to get done and then I feel like I am wasting time and start to stress myself and end up more emotionally drained than when I started. I think rest and recharging are much more than just sitting around and doing nothing. While I definitely have found beauty in sitting and just being, I have come to realize that everyone is different in this area. There is no one key fits all solution.

Spend some time, days, weeks, and maybe even months considering when you feel drained and when you feel recharged. If you are the journalling type or spreadsheet type then write it down or get that chart started, if not, then I would encourage you to at least talk it through with someone as you evaluate your emotional tank. Writing down or talking out our thoughts can help us understand ourselves more and evaluate where our energy is going.

Another thing to consider is that what recharges you one time may not be what always recharges you. You may need multiple ideas in your “recharge toolbox” for different times. Once you have some ideas in mind when you are feeling drained, or foresee a coming time (i.e. a busy week) that will drain you, take some time to recharge, or even better, schedule some recharge time in your calendar.

So you may be wondering what my recharging and rest look like in my life. This is what I have so far:


  • Running – time to think and just be alone
  • Baking and Cooking – time to try something new
  • Reading/Listening to a book – time to learn something
  • Writing on my blog – time to think and share


  • Facebook – wasting time

Other ideas to consider, reading a book, doing a hobby, spending time with friends, accomplishing your to-do list, cleaning a room, organzing a closet, working towards a bucket list item, spending time developing your passion, exercising, family time, etc.

As you look at your upcoming week, month, and year, make sure you are scheduling time in your life for motivation, rest, and recharging. Make a plan to develop these areas. As you understand how to be who God created you to be, and care for your needs, you can better care for and love those around you.

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