Not Enough Hours in a Day

It seems like today’s society has a competition to be busy. We are all to busy to get together, to take a break, to read a book. However, at the same time, it seems like nothing is getting done, because we are all to busy being busy. What are you busy with? Are you overcommitting and not allowing margin in your life? Or are you busy with things that are not adding value to your life? In all this busyness, there is still the same number of hours in the day, each person does with those hours what they consider important – whether they realize it or not.

How do you spend your hours?

Have you ever sat down and thought about where your time goes? What commitments and activities have you made important in your life?

In life, we make time for what is important. Look at your day, what was important to you today? If you feel like you accomplish nothing and time escapes through your fingers, at the end of each day try writing down what you did. Include everything you can think of: Eating, reading, checking social media, working, praying, reading your bible, making meals, cleaning, watching tv, driving, showering etc. I would encourage you to then use some sort of coding system, put check marks by the essential things, stars by the important things, and lines by those that were in your day but you do not value.

One Step at a Time

I am often asked how I accomplish everything I do. My usual response is that I schedule my time to work on everything a little bit. Dedicating even a little bit of time toward a goal or task is one step forward, and one step at a time you will make a long journey to where you want to be. There will be weeks you feel like you are drowning because I have too many commitments or life just seemed to happen. Those weeks step back and take a look at what you can set aside or turn down and plan your next week with room to rest. 

Life is not a race and everything does not need to be accomplished today. Know your goals and what is important to you in your life, make space for these things. Make space for relationships, for resting, to play with your children, to love your husband.

Next time when someone asks you if you have time to connect, consider saying yes, consider making time. When others are complaining about their busyness, consider offering to help or praying for them, do not play the competition game. As you make your schedule this week, consider saying “no” to a commitment, or moving something to a less committed week. As a community that embraces relationships, let’s move away from this distraction of busy and towards the goal of rest and connection.



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