Carving Pumpkins – an Object Lesson

While Halloween is not my favorite holiday for many reasons, I do have fond memories of pumpkin carving as a child. Pumpkin carving is a time to celebrate the season, a time to celebrate the harvest God has given us and can be a time for fun!

Tonight we made an apple pie, drank cider, and carved pumpkins. While my daughter jumped right in, drawing on her face, cutting, and pulling out the insides, my boys were much more hesitant. It was a great opportunity for them to practice their creativity, get dirty, and experience something new. In the end, everyone had so much fun pulling out the “guts”, sorting seeds to roast for later, and watching their pumpkins glow.

An Object Lesson

We had fun looking for differences between the pumpkins and identifying shapes. We also found different shapes and designs shining on the ceiling from the pumpkins. While we sat in the dark looking at our pumpkins we also had a little object lesson from the pumpkins.

Parent: Were your pumpkins yucky and dirty inside?

Child: YES!

Parent: When we are born, we are born in sin, sin makes us yucky and dirty inside. Did you clean out your pumpkin?

Child: Yes, we cleaned it all out.

Parent: When we choose to follow God, he cleans us out, like we cleaned out our pumpkin. He makes us clean by helping us have self-control and be kind to others so that we are not yucky inside anymore. Do you like the light in your pumpkin?

Child: Yes, it is shining.

Parent: After God cleans out our yuckiness he gives us the Holy Spirit. When we follow God by being kind and loving others, the light of Christ shines in our life, like the light shines in your pumpkin. People will be able to see that light shining our life if you choose to follow God.

Called to be Set Apart

There are definitely practices in our secular world and society that we do not want to be part of. God has called us to be set apart for His glory, as a light that points to him. However, if you feel like partaking in an activity can be something that brings memories, grows relationships, and even an opportunity to grow your children spiritually, do not be afraid to take part. If we separate and shelter ourselves entirely from the world, who will be there to see the love and light of Christ shining from our happy pumpkin faces?

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